Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out

After several dreary, cold, rainy days, the sun has come out. While we have very much needed all the rain, it is great to see the big fireball in the sky. Since it was such a warm sunny morning, I let the kids go outside in their pajamas to play. Even our dog Hershey was glad to be outside and on the trampoline.

Yes, I know. Trampolines are dangerous. Trust me, I'm a very nervous mother. I work in a hospital. I see the broken bones that come into the ER. I hear the orthopaedics who joke they should invest in heelies and trampolines to even further support their livelihoods. I do hear you. I do! I do! I just pray very hard to the good Lord above every time they get on to jump. My husband insisted it was no more hazardous than the plaque setting up in their tiny little arteries while they play video games. So, exercise on the trampoline served up with a good dose of prayer it is!

I am thankful for the sunshine above. I am thankful for the rain that preceded the sun. I am thankful for being able to go outside in our pajamas in December without our neighbors thinking we are nuts or rednecks or both. If the do, they keep it to themselves. And mostly, another day of no broken bones on the trampoline. Life is Good!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year and new resolutions

Another year is upon us. Another year of resolutions. I've made all the normal ones. You know, diet, exercise, watching my language, those sorts of things. This year, I've decided to add a new one to my list, blogging. I've never done this before and quite frankly have no clue what I'm going to blog about. But, I've enjoyed so many blogs in the past six months I've discovered them, I decided to start my own.

So, here we go. My very first blog entry. It's short and to the point. Maybe I'll figure it all out before all is said and done.