Thursday, February 5, 2009

What makes a hero?

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love music. And sometimes even more than the melody and harmony and time signature, I love the lyrics more. Why? Well, because the songwriters just sometimes have a way of saying things I would love to say, but can't or for that matter, don't.

The song that is playing first on this blog is "Heroes" by David Cook. The first time I heard it, I liked the melody and the time signature. The second time I heard it, I really listened to the words and found them to say some things I can't. The chorus particularly struck me.

What is it that make one a hero? Is it fame? Is it fortune? Is the ability to leap a building in a single bound? I think that to me, a hero is one who has the ability to make someone smile even though they feel their world is crashing down. A hero is one that truly displays kindness. A hero is one that can love and be loved. A hero is unselfish. A hero makes us feel that we are important even on the days we feel like the least important one in the world. A hero believes in us. A hero lifts us up. And most importantly a hero does all of these things without even knowing they are doing them.

My heroes? Well, they have no idea they are my heroes.

I'm not going to come down
Down off of these clouds
All these heroes come and go
But you're still standing
You teach me to rise up
To open my eyes up
All these heroes come and go
But you're still standing
(lyrics to Heroes sung by David Cook)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You gotta make your own fun

In these days, this scary economy, my family and I have learned that sometimes you've got to make your own fun. Yes, we sometimes go to the movies. Yes, we sometimes go out to dinner. Yes, we do things that cost a more money than it should. But, we're finding that the simple times are sometimes the best times.

This weekend hubby had some burning that needed to be done. As the sun began to set, hubby said "this is such a great bed of coals, too bad we don't have any hot dogs." Translation, "honey, could you go to the store and get some hot dogs?". Followed by the kid's yelling, "and marsh mellows... and graham crackers... and don't forget the chocolate!" So, off I went to the grocery. $11.30 later, I'm back with the makings for some great make your own fun.

Hubby, myself, the kids and a friend had a great time roasting hot dogs and making smores. These are what memories are made of. Impromptu wiener roasting, smore making, giggling, and the popping of our own little cook fire.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whose ball is it?

I'm not quite sure where to start this entry, so I'll give a little background. My husband is the sports authority in the house. I am not. He knows the rules for baseball, fast pitch softball, and football. But, when it comes to basketball, um mm, yeah, not so much. *I* know more about basketball than hubby does. Which is not saying much, but at the same time saying a whole lot. Sad. Very sad.

This is my son's 3rd season of playing basketball for the park and rec department. The first season, all the coach yelled was "shoot it! Shoot it!". The second season, he did learn to dribble, how to shoot a little better, and that he plays "low". This season, he has learned a little bit more. However, I, his mother, the one who knows very little about basketball, has taught him one of the most important things when it comes to basketball. Ready, here it is. Drum roll please! The other team is not just going to give you the ball, nor will they say "go ahead, it's your turn to shoot".

Wow! What an epiphany! The conversation between my son and I went something like this:

me, "if the other team is just standing in front of you dribbling, take the ball from them"
son, "you can do that?"
me, "absolutely! Did you think they would just hand it to you?"
son, "I guess not"
me, "you can also try to grab the ball from them and force the possession rule"
son, "you can do that?"
me, "absolutely!"
son, "wow! I didn't know that either"
me "whose ball is it?"
son, "MINE!"

This newly realized option helped my son's team loose by only 5 points this week. "Only 5 points" you say? You have no idea how thrilled we, the parents and kids, were to loose by only 5 points! We had been loosing by 24 when the county invokes the mercy rule. Maybe this week, we'll loose by less or hopefully WIN the game! It was the most exciting game played thus far. And while Son did no score a point, he did keep the other team from stomping us in the ground. And for that, I'm proud!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Great Student

I think one of the most joyous times in my life is seeing my children not only succeed, but excel. I had the opportunity to do just that this week. My Daughter was recognized with her other classmates for making straight "A's" for the first semester of school. There were also quite a few students on the "A-B" honor roll. I think the number of students that were recognized speaks volumes about the school system in which my children attend.

After all the names were called, the kids, turned around and we applauded them. The principle then said "Students, behind each successful student, is a great parent" at which time, the students applauded us. Finally, the students turned forward to applaud their teachers for all the hard work to make these awards possible. I've been to one of these awards ceremonies many times and each and every time, I think I just get prouder. If there is such a word? I realize that my daughter is working hard and even harder still as the work gets harder. She is a total package. She is smart, athletic, and beautiful. I'm very proud to call her mine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Where have you been? You ask. (As I look at that, I'm not sure that is the correct punctuation. Anyway...) Well, I've been busy. It seems that my quest to not be fat and forty has kicked into high gear. I'm spending alot of time at the YMCA doing weight lifting, the NuStepper (my favorite new machine) and water aerobics. On days I can't get to the YMCA, I'm trying to use the new Wii Fit Santa brought us. Along with that quest, there is work, which thank GOD has gotten a little busy again. This economy has even impacted the hospital, but that is a different soap box. Then there is softball that has started back up with hitting in the cages. Then there is also basketball which takes up Friday nights and Saturday afternoons.

The picture to the right is going to be my "before" picture. This was taken December 2008 at Epcot. The good looking fellas I'm with are Sig and Edgar from The Deadliest Catch. I was quite "star struck" meeting these guys. Then I thought to myself, "these guys are fisherman." Easy on the eyes, on television, but still fisherman, not celebrities.

So, that is where I've been. In case you asked.