Thursday, February 5, 2009

What makes a hero?

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love music. And sometimes even more than the melody and harmony and time signature, I love the lyrics more. Why? Well, because the songwriters just sometimes have a way of saying things I would love to say, but can't or for that matter, don't.

The song that is playing first on this blog is "Heroes" by David Cook. The first time I heard it, I liked the melody and the time signature. The second time I heard it, I really listened to the words and found them to say some things I can't. The chorus particularly struck me.

What is it that make one a hero? Is it fame? Is it fortune? Is the ability to leap a building in a single bound? I think that to me, a hero is one who has the ability to make someone smile even though they feel their world is crashing down. A hero is one that truly displays kindness. A hero is one that can love and be loved. A hero is unselfish. A hero makes us feel that we are important even on the days we feel like the least important one in the world. A hero believes in us. A hero lifts us up. And most importantly a hero does all of these things without even knowing they are doing them.

My heroes? Well, they have no idea they are my heroes.

I'm not going to come down
Down off of these clouds
All these heroes come and go
But you're still standing
You teach me to rise up
To open my eyes up
All these heroes come and go
But you're still standing
(lyrics to Heroes sung by David Cook)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You gotta make your own fun

In these days, this scary economy, my family and I have learned that sometimes you've got to make your own fun. Yes, we sometimes go to the movies. Yes, we sometimes go out to dinner. Yes, we do things that cost a more money than it should. But, we're finding that the simple times are sometimes the best times.

This weekend hubby had some burning that needed to be done. As the sun began to set, hubby said "this is such a great bed of coals, too bad we don't have any hot dogs." Translation, "honey, could you go to the store and get some hot dogs?". Followed by the kid's yelling, "and marsh mellows... and graham crackers... and don't forget the chocolate!" So, off I went to the grocery. $11.30 later, I'm back with the makings for some great make your own fun.

Hubby, myself, the kids and a friend had a great time roasting hot dogs and making smores. These are what memories are made of. Impromptu wiener roasting, smore making, giggling, and the popping of our own little cook fire.