Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

  It's been 4 years since I've blogged.  I've been on the mountain top and in the valley.  "Sometimes high, and sometimes low.  Sometimes yes and sometimes Oh HELL NO" as the Train song goes. (Which I sing to the top of my lungs in the car every time it comes on, I'm happy to report.  It's so cathartic)  But, with all the mountain tops and valleys I'm taking a path in self discovery and realized there are a lot of things to change and a lot that works just fine.

  The first thing that is changing is after much prayer and thinking and even more research is that  I'm in the process of getting approved to get a lap band.  One of my last blogs here was a quest for me not to be "fat and 40".  Yet, here I sit "fat and almost 43".  That will all be changing this year.  I'll be talking quite a bit in this blog about the journey I'm on. I've read many blogs of bandsters and they have been so helpful that I want to share my journey because it is one that I'm so excited about!  So, that is the first thing that is changing in my world.

    Another thing that is changing in my world is updating my home from 1993 when we bought it, on a SHOESTRING budget.  And I do means shooooooestring!  But, with this wonderful thing called Pinterest and some very helpful home improvement blogs, I'm realizing it can be done.  And it's fun!  Little changes at a time make a big difference.  So, I'll be sharing some of those with you from time to time.

     Things that are working just fine include being a  BallParkMom!  I continue to spend weekends at the ball park watching softball or baseball or at the gym watching basketball.  Seeing my children work hard and excel gives me more pleasure than anything else I can think of.  So far, we're doing that right.

    This morning, my E got an award for academic excellence.  He's so smart and so handsome and works so hard at all he does.  It doesn't always come easy to him, but  as I told him this morning, that is what makes it all the more special.  Hard work and determination go a long way and will take him far.  I'm so proud!

   So, there is my starting back point:  everything old is new again.  My old body, in the course of an exciting journey is going to be new again.  My house, in the course of many DIY projects and a shoestring budget is going to be new again.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  Buckle up!