Friday, September 13, 2013


 Now I see where my kids get it from.  Me.  They get it from me.  I hate to it admit it, but yes I procrastinate. I really meant to keep at least a week to week update on here about my lap band surgery.  Really I did.  Honestly.   Somehow I kept saying "in a little while"  or "I'll do it first thing in the morning"  or something similarly along those lines.  But, I'm here now and I'll try to do a little background leading up to today.

I think the last hoop I left you all with was waiting on insurance approval.  Actually, the approval went fairly quickly once I got the office staff to get all my paperwork in.  Getting those "procrastinators" in gear was one of biggest hurdles.  That, however, is not a story I wish to rehash for fear of getting my blood pressure to the boiling point again.  Once I got approval from insurance we were "go for launch" and I was ecstatic albeit a bit scared.

My surgery  was set for July 15, 2013 at 9a.m.  I had a preop class that I had to attend two weeks prior that left me with so much information my head was spinning.  I realized at that class that I was in no way prepared for this surgery.  I thought I had done so much research, but turns out I had only skimmed the surface.  It was mind blowing the amount of information but I was prepared to muddle my way through it all.

On the morning of July 15, 2013 we showed up at the hospital at 6 a.m.  I was taken care of by two wonderful nurses.  We had a bit of chit chat and they did so much to help alleviate my fears and assure me that I was making the right decision with this surgery.  As one of the nurses, Lauren, and I chatted, she asked where I worked etc.  As the discussion went on I asked her "did you know Lydia?"
(Lydia was my wonderful sister in law that we lost to malignant melanoma in 2000).  Lauren's face lost all color and she turned to look at my husband then back at me and said "I named my daughter after Lydia".  I thought Ken was going to lose it.  I thought I was going to lose it.  I thought she was going to lose it.  But, in that very moment a peace came over me.  A peace that I can not even describe in words.  I had prayed and prayed about this surgery.  Praying for God to take care of me during surgery.  Prayed for God to take care of the surgeon and the staff during my surgery.  Prayed for God to take care of my family should something happen to me during surgery.  Prayed for God to give me a sign that this, what I felt was my last resort, was the right thing.  I was so anxious, so fearful, so many emotions I can't even describe.  But, this one sentence out of Lauren's mouth gave me a peace. What are the chances of having her as my nurse, someone connected to someone I loved and miss so much, to be my nurse on the day I felt like was my last chance?  I believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason and a purpose.  I believe that our lives are a well orchestrated symphony of events and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God put Lauren in my life that day.  I knew then that it was all going to be okay.  Ken even said to me as Lauren left the room that it was a sign and he now had a peace he had not had until that very moment.  It still gets me teared up even now thinking of that moment.

Surgery went well.  I had a para esophageal  hernia that had to be repaired along with my lap band.  Ken said the surgeon came out to talk to him and said it was the worst he'd seen and he was shocked I was not hurting worse than I was and it would only have been a matter of time before I was very sick with it.  So PRAISE GOD I decided to have this lap band done or who knows what might have happened.

I felt great going home, was in moderate pain that night.  The next day, the nausea started.  I'm not going to lie there were about 4 days of so much nausea that I thought "what have I done" and "I want it out".  However, after an email to the dietitian who changed
my protein shakes and my vitamins and I was good to go.  I've felt fantastic since then.

This past Monday marked 8 weeks post op.  I am down 32 lbs since surgery and 57 lbs from my heaviest.  My clothes are baggy, I'm able to walk up my steps without taking 5 minutes to get my breath, and I feel like I've got a little pep in my step.  Thank you to everybody that has supported me on this journey so far.  It means the world to me that I have so many people that love and support me and I'm learning to love myself.

This is a whole new ballgame for this ballparkmom and I feel FANTASTIC!

March 8, 2010
September 8, 2013